Disable Fume Filtration Warning Alarm

Some Emblaser 2 Fume Filtration Units were incorrectly shipped with a warning alarm enabled. This alarm is not compatible with the custom filters we have developed and could cause the unit to incorrectly start beeping and stop drawing air through.

If this is happening to your unit, please follow the following steps to disable this alarm.


Step 1:

Unplug the power from your Fume Filtration Unit.

DO NOT perform these steps with the power connected.


Step 2:

Apply some upwards pressure to the top most opening in the rear cover to open it.

This may take a little force.





Step 3:

Locate the YELLOW wire running to the motor



Step 4:

Cut the YELLOW wire ONLY.





Step 5:

Slide back on the rear cover and push downwards until it clips back into place.




Your filtration unit will now operate as normal.



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