Replacing the controller board

The controller board is a very delicate component and should only be handled as described in this article. 


  • Always hold the controller board by its edges when handling it.
  • Only remove the replacement board from its antistatic bag when you are ready to install it.
  • Handle leads and connectors with care. Never try to remove a connector by pulling on its wires. Always try to grip the connector during removal.


Step 1:

Unplug the USB and power leads from the Emblaser 2.




Step 2:

Remove the 5 screws holding the rear electronics pod in place








Step 3:

Identify the controller board.




Step 4:

Take note of the connectors and carefully unplug them.

  1. FFC. Be careful to remove this straight out of the connector, without any twisting.
  2. Buttons connector.
  3. Left motor connector.
  4. Right motor connector.
  5. Exhaust fan connector.
  6. Camera connector.
  7. Air-Assist connector.





Step 5:

Remove the 4 screws holding the controller board in place.



Step 6:

Insert the new controller board. Re-insert the connectors and re-attach the electronics pod to your machine.



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