Laserweb Lesson 4: Updating the Material Database

The material database contains cutting and engraving presets for various common materials.


Step 1:

Download the latest Material Database file from the software section: LINK


Step 2:

Start Laserweb. Then select the 'Settings' tab', followed by 'Launch Material Database' under the 'Machines Profile' tab.



This will open the Material Database editor and you will see a window open as shown below.




Step 3:

Click on the red import button towards the bottom of the window and select the material database file you downloaded.



Step 4:

The latest material information will now be loaded into Laserweb and ready to use.




Step 5:

The material database presets can be applied by selecting the green 'magic wand' icon next to the operation name. Selecting this will open up a window showing all the database presets.

IMPORTANT: The 'Starting Height' values in the database NO NOT include the cutting mat thickness. If you are using the cutting mats, you must add 10mm to the 'Starting Height' applied from the preset.


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