Laserweb Lesson 1: Spirograph

In this lesson we will show you how to make a cool spirograph toy. 

"Spirograph is a geometric drawing toy that produces mathematical roulette curves of the variety technically known as hypotrochoids and epitrochoids. It was developed by British engineer Denys Fisher and first sold in 1965."


What you will learn:

  • Loading an SVG design file into Laserweb.
  • Positioning your design in the workspace.
  • Setting up a cutting operation.


What you will need before you start:

  • Laserweb installed. See here for the latest version: LINK
  • Your machine turned on and connected to Laserweb. See the User Manual for how to do this.
  • The spirograph svg file: LINK
  • A piece of 3mm Plywood measuring at least 110x110mm
  • The Emblaser 2 'Material Database' loaded into Laserweb. See this article for instructions: LINK


Step 1:

Start Laserweb and select the 'Files' Tab.

This will place you into the area where you can import your design files and instruct Laserweb what operations you would like your Emblaser to perform on them.



Step 2:

Press the 'Add Document' button and select your spirograph file to load.


You should now see your Spirograph design appear on your workspace as in the image below.


Step 3:

For this lesson, we would like to have our design cut from the centre of the workspace.

Begin by selecting the 'Spirograph V1.svg' document from the list of documents. This will highlight the design in the workspace with a dashed blue pattern.


Click on the dashed blue pattern and drag the design into the centre of the workspace.


TIP: You can also directly enter the values into the position bubble that appears. In this case we would have entered 250 for Centre X and 150 for Centre Y.


Step 4:

With the design still selected, click on the 'Create Single' button to create an operation.


This will automatically create a 'Laser Cut' operation with your selected design. You will be presented with many options. Don't Panic!



Step 5:

We will now take advantage of the 'Material Database' to select a preset for our material.

Press the icon of the magic wand as shown below.



This will open up the Material Database and you can select the '3mm Plywood Laser Cut' preset.


Your settings will now be populated with the required values.



NOTE: If you are using your cutting mats, you will need to add 10mm to the 'Starting Height' value. In this case it will become 11.5mm.


Step 6:

Press the 'GENERATE' button to have your operations generated.


When completed, your job is ready to send to your Emblaser 2 for cutting.


Step 7:

Place your material into the centre of the workspace.




Step 8:

Make sure your lid is closed and press the 'Enable' button on the right front corner of your Emblaser 2. The button will illuminate red to indicate the laser has been enabled.




Step 9:

Select the 'Control' tab.

Press the 'Run' button to start your job running.



When completed you should have the two parts you need for you spirograph.





Step 10

Enjoy your new toy!




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