Laserweb Lesson 3: Jigsaw Puzzle

This lesson will show you how to raster engrave a photo and combine it with a cutting operation to make a jigsaw puzzle. 


What you will learn:

  • Setting up an image engraving (raster) operation.
  • Selecting layers to create operations.


What you will need before you start:

  • Laserweb installed. See here for the latest version: LINK
  • Your machine turned on and connected to Laserweb. See the User Manual for how to do this.
  • A piece of 3mm Plywood measuring at least 100x75mm.
  • The Jigsaw.svg file: LINK


Step 1:

Start Laserweb and select the 'Files' Tab.

This will place you into the area where you can import your design files and instruct Laserweb what operations you would like your Emblaser to perform on them.



Step 2:

Press the 'Add Document' button and load the Jigsaw.svg into your workspace.



One of the benefits of working with svg files is that they can contain both images and vectors. This file contains both the photo we will be engraving along with the vectors we will use to cut out the jigsaw puzzle pieces.


Step 3:

Click on the '+' to the left of the Jigsaw.svg document.




This will expand the layers available within this svg file.

In our file we have a layer which is our image (image:Layer1) and a layer that contains all our vectors (g:Layer_1).





Step 4:

Select the 'image:Layer1' and then press 'Create Single' to create an operation from this layer.


Laserweb will have recognised this layer is an image and automatically created a 'Laser Raster' operation for you. We will take advantage of the 'Material Database' to select a preset for our raster operation.


Press the icon of the magic wand as shown below.



This will open up the Material Database and you can select the 'Raster Plywood - Laser Raster' preset.




Your settings will now be populated with the following values.



We are going to make some changes to these values as shown below:



The 'Diagonal' setting will cause the laser to move at a 45 degree angle while engraving. This often results in better looking engravings on wood.


Step 5: 

Just as in Step 4, we are going to create another operation which will cut out the jigsaw pattern.

We are going to list the steps to do this. Refer back to Step 4 if needed.

  1. Click on the layer called 'g:Layer_1' to select it.
  2. Press 'Create Single' to create a default operation.
  3. Press the icon of the magic wand to open up the Material Database.
  4. Select the preset '3mm Plywood - Laser Cut'.

You will now have a 'Laser Cut' operation with the following settings. 


Since we are using our cutting mats, we will need to add 10mm to the Start Height as shown below:



Step 6:

Press the 'GENERATE' button to have your operations generated.


When completed, your job is ready to send to your Emblaser 2 for cutting.


Step 7:

Place your material into the the workspace.




Step 8:

Make sure your lid is closed and press the 'Enable' button on the right front corner of your Emblaser 2. The button will illuminate red to indicate the laser has been enabled.




Step 9:

Select the 'Control' tab.

Press the 'Run' button to start your job running.



Step 10

Enjoy your puzzle!



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