Getting Started - Windows 7

Step 1:

Windows 7 require drivers to be installed to recognise your Emblaser 2.

If you are running Windows 7, please download and install driver V1.1: DOWNLOAD (v1.1)

NOTE: If you are having problems installing this driver .exe file, please download V1.0 and follow the steps below under 'Manually Installing Drivers': DOWNLOAD (v1.0)


Step 2:

Download the User Manual: LINK


Step 3:

The Emblaser 2 is not a toy and if used incorrectly can cause injury.

Carefully read the safety information in Section 1 of the User Manual.


Step 4: 

Follow the instructions in Section 3 to setup your Emblaser 2.

Your LightBurn license key can be found on the 'Getting Started' card supplied with your machine as shown in the image below.





If you are having any problems please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by raising a Help Request.

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