Getting Started - Windows 10 & Mac OSX

Step 1:

If you own an Emblaser 2, download the User Manual: E2 User Manual

If you own and Emblaser Core, download the Assembly & User Manual:

     ECore Assembly Manual

     ECore User Manual


Step 2:

If you own an Emblaser 2, jump to Step 3.

If you own an Emblaser Core, follow the Assembly Manual and construct your machine.


Step 3:

The Emblaser is not a toy and if used incorrectly can cause injury.

Carefully read the safety information in Section 1 of the User Manual.


Step 4: 

Follow the User Manual instructions in Section 3 to setup your Emblaser.

You can download the latest version of LightBurn from here: LINK

Your LightBurn license key can be found on the 'Getting Started' card supplied with your machine as shown in the image below.




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