Emblaser 2 Firmware

The Emblaser 2 firmware is regularly being developed to improve performance and reliability.

Updating the firmware is a very simple process as shown.


Updating the Emblaser 2 Firmware

Step 1:

Turn on your Emblaser2.

Step 2:

Download the current firmware zip file. See below.

Step 3:

Unzip the firmware zip file and copy its contents onto the Emblaser 2 internal storage drive (appears as a drive called EMBLASER2).  Overwrite any files as requested.

Step 4:

Restart your Emblaser 2 by pressing the power button to turn it off, wait a few seconds and then turn back on.

The firmware will be automatically updated. This may take a few seconds. When complete, your Emblaser2 will perform its startup homing sequence and issue two short beeps when completed.


Firmware Versions

Current Version

2017-10-17 [edge-ededcd5 DL108]: LINK

IMPORTANT: This firmware update requires the latest version of LaserWeb.


Previous Versions: 

2017-06-07 [edge-67791da DL105]: LINK


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