Homing Trigger Replacement


The Emblaser 2 does not home correctly on the y-axis. This is apparent by the laser head not coming to rest in the upper left corner of the workspace after it has homes itself.



The original homing trigger may be pushed out of place during shipping, causing it to not fully depress the y-axis homing switch.

The issue has been rectified by a slight modification to the homing trigger.

Note: This issue only potentially affects machines shipped during March & April 2017.

Please check the following image if you are having this problem to confirm you have the 'old' homing trigger installed in your machine.




If you are experiencing this problem, please raise a support request. We will send you a replacement homing trigger along with the required tool to replace it with.


Replacement Process:

Step 1:

Locate the homing trigger on your machine.



Step 2:

CAREFULLY remove the two screws holding the homing trigger with the supplied hex tool. These screws can be delicate so take your time.



Step 3:

Using the new set of screws and washers supplied, install the new homing trigger.

Once again be CAREFUL to not over tighten the screws as they can be delicate.




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