Emblaser 2 Drivers

Windows 10 / Mac OSX / Linux

No drivers needed.

The Emblaser 2 is supported natively on these operating systems


Windows 2000/Vista/7/8 64bit/32bit:

If you are running one of these operating systems, please install driver V1.1: DOWNLOAD (v1.1)

NOTE: If you are having problems installing this driver .exe file, please download V1.0 and follow the steps below under 'Manually Installing Drivers': DOWNLOAD (v1.0)


Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is known to sometimes not like the latest driver (V1.1).

If you are running this operating system and are having problems installing the driver, please download and install the V1.0 driver and follow the steps below under 'Manually Installing Drivers': DOWNLOAD (v1.0)


Manually Installing Drivers

After downloading the recommended .zip file, unzip it to your desktop.

Click the “Start” button and pull up the Control Panel.

From there, open the Device Manager.

Now we need to locate the device to install.


Right-click the and select “Update Driver Software”



Select 'Browse my computer for the driver software' and find where you unzipped the driver to.



You should now have a recognised “Smoothie Virtual Serial Port”.

NOTE: If you are experiencing problems installing a driver, it may be useful to uninstall the device and then try re-installing the driver. This can be done by right-clicking on the driver and selecting 'Uninstall'.
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