How do I set my Emblaser to work in inches?

If you want to operate in inches, here are a few options:


1: Changing the Emblaser GRBL parameter

Set the following Emblaser GRBL parameter:



This tells the machine to report information back in inches. This is a change that remains after your Emblaser is restarted.

 If you want to return to millimetres, then set




2: Setup your Cut2D-Laser projects in inches

If you are using Cut3D-Laser, then set your units to inches when you create a new file. It will create all the appropriate code for you to work in inches.


3: Use a GCode command (temporary)

If you want to type manual commands or create code manually, then enter the G20 Gcode command

This sets the operating units to inches. G21 sets it back to millimetres.

This is only a temporary change that will revert back to millimetres when you restart the Emblaser.


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