Outdated Cut2D-Laser downloads

Cut2D-Laser is the software package supplied with each Emblaser.

Cut2D-Laser will allow you to create your own designs or import existing designs using industry standard formats such as Adobe Illustrator, create an Emblaser cutting/engraving file and send it to the Emblaser.

Developed by Vectric (vectric.com), it is one of the simplest, feature packed and most intuitive toolpathing programs available today.


*** This is an outdated download. The latest version can be downloaded through your Vectric Portal account.

Vectric Cut2D-Laser (for Win): Click to download

Windows version (1.003)

  *** This is currently the only version that works with OSX.

Vectric Cut2D-Laser (for OSX): Click to download

OSX version (1.003) of Cut2D-Laser for Mac users.

Note: This version is experimental and not supported by Vectric.

How to use:
1: Unzip and copy the Cut2D-Laser.app to your ‘Applications’ folder.
2: Double-click ‘Cut2D-Laser.app’ to run.
3: You will be presented with a dialogue window to enter your registration details.
4: The program should then start and away you go!


Licensing details are emailed to customers once their Emblaser ships.

All licensing for Vectric products is handled directly by Vectric. Please email then at support@vectric.com if you have and licensing issues.

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