How do I start a job from a specific location in the workspace?

There are a number f ways of achieving this.


Option 1:

If you are working in Cut2D-Laser, setup a new project that is the size of your Emblaser work area.

You can then position your vectors within this project where you would like them to be cut/engraved in the Emblaser workspace.


Option 2:

If you are using vTransfer to send your files to the Emblaser, position your laser head to where you would like the job to start from using the buttons under the 'jog' tab.

Then press the 'Cut from here' button.


Option 3:

If you are using Ultimate Gcode Sender (UGS).

1: Start the Emblaser and home it as usual.

2: Move your laser head to where you want your job to start from by either using the move keys in the UGS 'Machine Control' tab, or by typing the x & y position in the command window.

3: Click the 'Reset X Axis' and 'Reset Y Axis' buttons under the 'Machine Control' tab.

4: Load the job (.nc file) in the 'File Mode' tab and send as usual.

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