Can't 'home' the Emblaser.


The Emblaser must be 'homed' every time it is turned on for use. This process allows the exact position of the laser to be determined within the workspace.

It also 'unlocks' the control system to begin accepting commands that have been sent to it.



There could be a number of reason for the Emblaser not 'homing' correctly. See the solutions below.



1: Communication with the Emblaser has not been established.

Please follow the instructions in the User Manual on 'Establishing Communication with the Emblaser.

If you are using Ultimate Gcode Sender (UGS) or PicSender, make sure you have the correct communication port selected.


2: FFC incorrectly connected.

See this article for a solution: Link


3: Firmware issue.

A know issue exists with the original v1.6 firmware that results in random loss of machine settings.

See this article for more information: Link

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