PicEngrave Pro 5 recommended settings.

The first image is the settings in Inches and the second the settings in Metric.

The Initial Image Zero is set for lower left. I left the X&Y Start position settings at zero. With the Left-45D Engraving Angle selected, it will start at the lower left corner where you zero the X&Y axis on the EmBlaser and will engrave up and to the right from there.

This would be true for Horizontal & Vertical Engraving Angles also.

If Right-45D is selected, the X&Y zero place will be at the same position (lower Left), but will start engraving at the lower right corner and will engrave up and to the left from there.

The X&Y Start Position setting will offset the starting engraving place so it will start engraving the same as described above, except with the offsets.

If the Center Initial Image Zero is selected, all positions in the gcode will be referenced from the center of the image & engraving instead of the lower left. The X&Y axis will need to be Zeroed in the Center of the engraving also. The starting places and engraving paths, will be the same with the different Engraving Angles as using the Initial Image Zero set to lower left.



Here are download links as well.

PicEngrave Pro 5 + Laser Instructions: Link

PicEngrave Pro 5 Tutorial: Link


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