Basic Tutorial for Cut2D-Laser (ver1.0)

This is a tutorial showing the main steps required within Cut2D-Laser to get a design ready to run on the Emblaser.

Start Cut2D-Laser and start a 'New' project from the 'File' pulldown tab.

Enter the parameters for your Emblaser.

For A4 machines:
Width (x) = 300mm
Height (y) = 210mm

For A3 machines:
Width (x) = 410mm
Height (y) = 285mm

Make sure the 'XY Datum Position' is set to the bottom left position.


Create your design using the Cut2D tools or import it from another program, such as Illustrator.


Select the vectors you would like to create a tool-path for.
In this case we are creating three unique tool-paths to achieve the look we require. One for text we want to appear black, one for a slightly lighter text and one for the line work.

With the vectors selected, click the tool-path button in the 'Toolpath Operations' section.


Enter your tool-path parameters and then select 'calculate'.


Once you have created the tool-paths you need, select the 'Save Toolpaths' button as shown below.


This will take you to the 'Save Toolpaths' menu.
You will have the option of outputting all the toolpaths or just what you have selected.

When ready, click the 'Save Toolpath(s) button.


You will now have a cutting file (.nc) that can be send to your Emblaser for cutting.

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