VTransfer Setup

The introduction if Vectric's latest version of Cut2D-Laser brings a new level of simplicity to working with your Emblaser.

The introduction of VTransfer allows you to work directly with your Emblaser from within Cut2D-Laser. There is no more need to use a third-party streaming program to send cutting/engraving files to your machine.

This article describes the basic process of setting up to use VTransfer.

Please note, at this point, Cut2D-Laser is only available for Windows.


Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Cut2D-Laser.

The latest install (Cut2D-Laser Desktop 8) can be downloaded through Vectric's 'portal'. New and existing customers will receive a link to access their copy and their new license file.

Installation is simple. Run the installer and follow the prompts.


 After installation, two icons will be available on your desktop.




Step 2: Run VTransfer and change settings.

Double click the 'Transfer' icon to start VTransfer.


Select 'File/Settings' from the top menu bar.



From the settings window which opens, check both tick boxes. Then click 'ok'.


Step 3: Turn on your Emblaser and connect to VTransfer.

Press the power button to turn on the Emblaser.

IMPORTANT: The next process will automatically 'home' your Emblaser. Please ensure the workspace is clear of obstacles.


Press the 'Refresh' button.

This will instruct the program to automatically find your Emblaser, connect to it and issue the 'home' command.

After completed, the 'Machine Status' will read 'Ready'.


You are now ready to start working directly through Cut2D-Laser with your Emblaser.

From now on, VTransfer will automatically start when you send a job to the Emblaser from Cut2D-Laser.



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