How can I run Cut2D-Laser on my Mac?

The latest version of 'Cut2D-Laser Desktop 8' is not compatible with OS X and will not run on a Mac.

OS X customers can use the Mac-Friendly version of 'Cut2D-Laser v1.0'. Although this version is not officially supported by Vectric, it has proven reliable running on a Mac.


Step 1: Contact Vectric Support

New Emblaser customers will beed to contact Vectric support ( for a specific V1.0 license file.

Please supply your full name, email address and Cut2D-Laser serial number supplied when you purchased your kit.

You will be issued a new license file to run the V1.0 version.


Step 2: Download and install the V1.0 software

Please see this article for download details: Link


Step 3: License your software

Enter your V1.0 license information as required after running your app.



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