How much does the Emblaser and delivery cost?

All Emblaser sales are handled via our Online Store located here: Link

The store contains all pricing information.


Changing displayed currency

The store defaults to Australian Dollars, but can be easily changed to display US Dollars via the 'Select Currently' selector in the left section of the screen.



Determine Shipping Cost

To determine the delivery cost, add all the items you are interested into your cart and then use the 'Shipping Calculator'.


You will be give the choice between 'Air Mail' and 'DHL'. Smaller items are often cheaper to have delivered via airmail. 

Here are the key difference between the two:


  • Best option for International kit orders.
  • Tracking information available.
  • Delivery usually 3-5 business days (without any local customs delays).

Air Mail

  • Usually the best option for small items, such as accessories.
  • No tracking information available.
  • International delivery usually 5-10 working days.


If you require more information, please email our sales department at


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