Running a job with Cut2D-Laser via VTransfer

This article will describe how to run a cutting / engraving job on your Emblaser directly from Cut2D-Laser.

Before working through this tutorial, please ensure you have correctly installed and setup the latest version of Cut2D-Laser Desktop 8 and VTransfer. You can find instructions here: Link


Step 1: Start Cut2D-Laser Desktop 8.

Double click on the Cut2D-Laser icon to run the program.


Step 2: Load project file.

For this example we will be working with the 'Emblaser Calibration' project file called 'Emblaser_CalibrationTest.crv'

This is available for download here: Link

Select 'File / Open' from the top menu bar. Navigate to where you saved the file and open it.


Once the file loads, you will be presented with this screen. For this example we only need to ensure that the 'XY Datum Position' is set to the bottom left corner.

Then click 'OK'


Step 3: Prepare to send toolpaths directly to the Emblaser.

In this project all the toolpaths have already been created and are ready to send to the Emblaser.

Click on the 'Save Toolpath' icon.

This will reveal the 'Save Toolpaths' menu on the right side of the window.


Ensure the following tick boxes are ticked.


Step 4: Send job to the Emblaser.

IMPORTANT: This step will result in your Emblaser starting the cutting job. Ensure the workspace is clear of obstacles, you are wearing your safety glasses and the laser has been 'enabled'.

Once you have your material in place in the workspace and have check through your safety checklist, click the 'Save toolpath(s) to file' button.

If you haven't opened VTransfer yet, it will automatically open and perform a homing sequence. Then your job will start to cut.


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