Updating Emblaser 1 for LightBurn

LightBurn is the new software package for the Emblaser. This article will outline the steps needed to update your Emblaser 1 (A3 or A4) to the latest firmware, which the LightBurn software supports.

IMPORTANT: Due to some changes in the newest firmware, Cut2D-Laser may not function correctly. Vectric are working on an update to support this latest firmware. If you need to continue using Cut2D-Laser, we recommend not performing this update process just yet.


Step 1: Purchase a LightBurn license key

Visit our online store to purchase a LightBurn Update License Key: LINK


Proceed to the next step if you wish to trial LightBurn for 30 days.


Step 2: Modify the motor cable

Due to revisions in the latest firmware, you will need to make a small change to the SHORTER motor cable.

Use a pin or very small screwdriver to gently depress connector clip for the red and blue wires to remove them from the connector.



Then re-insert them as shown in the image below.

The new order should be: RED - BLUE - GREEN - BLACK




Step 3: Update the firmware

Download the latest version of the Emblaser 1 firmware from here: LINK

Ensure your Emblaser 1 is plugged a USB port and turned on.

For Windows Users

  • Download and install XLoader from here: LINK
  • Run the XLoader.exe file to start the program. You will see this window:


  • Select the firmware file you downloaded for you your machine.
  • Ensure the 'Device' selected is 'Uno(AtMega328).
  • Select the 'COM port' for your machine from the drop down list.
  • Ensure the 'Baud rate' is set to 115200
  • Press 'Upload'


For Mac / OSX Users

  • Download and install HexUploader from here: LINK
  • Run the HexUploader app. You will see this window:


  • Ensure the 'Arduino Type' is set to 'Uno - ATMega 328p'.
  • Select the 'Serial Port' for your Emblaser from the drop down list.
  • Ensure the 'Baud Rate' is set to 115200.
  • Click the 'Upload a Hex File' and select the firmware you downloaded.


Step 4: Download & install LightBurn (trial)

Download and install the latest 'trial' version of the LightBurn: LINK


Step 5: Enter license key

When you first run LightBurn, you will be presented with the License Page.

Enter your license key as shown and press 'Activate License'.

You will then be prompted to restart LightBurn.



Step 6: Create Emblaser1 device

When LightBurn restarts, you will be presented with the 'Emblaser Quick Setup' window.

Select the appropriate 'Emblaser 1'.





Step 7: Ready to go

Your Emblaser 1 device will now appear within the 'Laser' menu and will automatically find and connect to your machine.

If it does not auto-connect, choose your machine's port from the drop down list.




Step 8: Reset GRBL settings

With your Emblaser connected, select the 'Console' Tab.



Enter the command: $RST=* and press enter, as shown below.



Next, enter the command: $#

This will return a list of co-ordinate information. Ensure that all the values are 0.00 as shown in the image below.




Step 8: Done!

You can now start using LightBurn with your Emblaser 1.

*** Be sure to 'Home' your machine. ***



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