My enable button won’t turn on or doesn’t stay on.

The red Enable button light will remain off or will turn off when the interlock system detects that the lid is open. This is sensitive by design for safety reasons.

Please run through the following checklist to fix or diagnose the problem.

  • Check that your Emblaser 2 is being operated on an even surface as this may affect interlock PCB alignment.
  • Check that the lid of your Emblaser 2 closes fully, make sure there is no debris caught between the lid and the housing.
  • If your Emblaser 2 has been dropped or received a considerable knock during transport you may be experiencing interlock misalignment. Don’t be alarmed, follow the steps in this link to realign your interlock system. Interlock Alignment Correction.
  • Please contact us at if you are still experiencing problems.
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