The laser is not cutting through my material.

There are many settings and conditions that can affect the laser's interaction with your work piece. These can range from the settings you have selected in the software to the type or appropriateness of your material.

Please run through the following checklist to fix or diagnose the problem.

  • Make sure the laser is enabled.
  • Check that the support and material heights have been entered correctly in Lightburn.
  • Check that the cut settings have been entered correctly in Lightburn.
    Speed, Power, Z start height etc.

Check material appropriateness. Some materials simply can not be used with the Emblaser 2 please check the link for a list of what cant be cut or engraved. Material list. 


If the power of your laser has reduced suddenly or over time, one of the following steps may assist you.

  • Run the Emblaser 2 Calibration procedure again and check the Machine offset value is correct. Calibration Procedure.
  • Clean the lens.


If the problem is still not resolved or if you have any feedback for us please contact us at

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