My Emblaser 2 is not cutting as well as it used to.

If your Emblaser 2 starts to drop its cutting performance, there is usually a very simple explanation and solution.


Dirty Lens

This is most commonly caused by build-up of debris on the focus lens. This will happen over time and will require cleaning.

Certain materials emit oily vapours which cling to the lens. E.g. Eucalyptus wood or hotdogs.
Please follow the steps in the Lightburn Lens cleaning wizard to resolve this problem.

Machine Calibration

If you have changed computers or reinstalled Lightburn you will need to enter the machine calibration value into Lightburn again. Please follow the steps in the Lightburn Calibration wizard.

Nozzle Alignment

The aperture nozzle may have been knocked and is now blocking the laser. Please see the Aperture Nozzle Alignment info to determine if this applies to your situation and how to fix it if it does.


Have you changed your workflow recently?

  • Don't forget to update your support and material height settings.
  • Materials can vary slightly, even from the same supplier, you may need to adjust your settings.


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