My Emblaser 2 is very noisy.

Your Emblaser 2 has several fans and other moving parts which produce noise as a part of their normal function. However, there are some noises that can indicate damaging conditions to the machine.

Cooling and Exhaust Fans

Clicking or rattling coming from the exhaust or cooling fans may indicate that debris has worked its way into the bearings.

Noisy fans should be replaced immediately to prevent damage to the machine; proper cooling and extraction is critical to the performance and life of your Emblaser 2.


Air-Assist Unit

The air assist is generally the loudest component of the Emblaser 2. If you notice the sound from the air assist change, check to make sure all hoses remain un-kinked and that air is still flowing freely from the tip of the aperture nozzle.

A loud rattling noise from the air-assist compressor indicates a mechanical failure.
Do not use the air-assist system if this occurs. Contact your re-seller for repair.



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