My Emblaser 2 is not homing correctly.

When your Emblaser 2 is powered on it will automatically perform a homing sequence, with the laser head coming to rest in the rear left corner of the workspace. 

The homing sequence can also be started manually from the laser panel within LightBurn.

The most common reason for homing issues is interference with the Laser Carriage switches  (Switch locations highlighted in the image below). 

  • Each switch has a hinged metal arm. If an arm is damaged or missing please contact us at the email address at the bottom of this page.
  • Check that all cardboard and green plastic packaging has been removed.
  • Check for other obstructions to the Laser Carriage's travel, when possible keep the interior of the Emblaser 2 clear of debris and tools etc.
  • Check the connections to the Stepper Motors (highlighted below). Unplug each one and firmly reconnect them.




If you are still experiencing difficulties with the homing process please contact us at 




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