Rhino Head Trophy

Welcome to the second of our three animal head projects. The full set will include an Elephant, Rhinoceros and Stag and we will be releasing one every month.

So grab your material, power up the Emblaser and get ready for some good old fashioned laser cutting!




Material & Files:

The Rhino design can be cut on any material suitable for the Emblaser. We have provided files for the most common material thicknesses, so just choose the one that matches your material thickness.

If you are planning to cut this design from plywood, we definitely recommend using a laser-friendly brand, similar to what we have available from our online store (for Australian delivery only).  

Rhino design for 1mm material

1 sheet: 120mm x 200mm

Rhino File - 1mm


Rhino design for 3mm material

1 sheet: 300mm x 500mm

Rhino File - 3mm


Rhino design for 6mm material

5 sheets: 300mm x 500mm

Rhino File - 6mm




Assembly is very easy. Each piece has a letter engraved next to a slot. Simply match the letters up.

One added benefit is that when assembled, the letters are completely hidden in the design. How cool is that!

Apply a small amount of glue (suitable for your material) into each slot before sliding the pieces together.

Download Instructions





Keep checking back to the Project section and collect all three designs.



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