How to remove/replace the hinges.

Removing a hinge requires the removal of the closest rear corner, as such there are quite a few steps to this process. If you run into difficulties please contact us at 

If you only need to replace one hinge the following steps only need to be performed for the side closest to the hinge to be removed. If you need to replace both hinges, be sure to complete these steps on one side first before beginning on the other side.


STEP 01.

Remove the four nuts and bolts retaining the lid to the hinge. (4mm Hex Driver)
Remove the lid and set aside.


STEP 02.

Remove the felt corner trim.


STEP 03.

Remove the ribbon cable clips closest to the corner.


STEP 04.

Unscrew the bolts retaining the corner to the extrusions. (4mm Hex driver).


STEP 05.

Unscrew the foot underneath the machine. (2.5mm hex wrench).


STEP 06.

Remove the corner.
The corners are a major retaining piece of the Emblaser 2, take care not to jostle the machine when the corner is not in place.


STEP 07.

Remove the locking screw. (Philips head 2 (PH2) driver).


STEP 08.

Slide the hinge out of the extrusion.
(This may slide out freely or require gentle tapping with a small hammer or similar tool).


You have successfully removed one of the hinges.

When inserting a new hinge be aware that there is a left-handed and a right-handed hinge. Double check that you have selected the correct one before reassembling.

  • Slide the replacement hinge into the extrusion, its exact position is not important at this stage.
  • Fit the corner back in place, return the foot and upper corner fasteners.
  • Reattach felt trim.
  • Arrange ribbon cable so that it is the same as the opposite side. Retain with ribbon cable clip.

 If both hinges need to be replaced, perform step 01 through step 08 again on the opposite side.


STEP 09.

At this stage the corners should be reassembled and the hinges should be free to move slightly along the extrusion.

Use the lid to set the distance between the hinges. Adjust the position of one or both of the hinges so that they hold the lid in the middle of the metal frame.


Once you are satisfied with the lid position, return the hinge fasteners.


Open and close the lid a few times to check that everything lines up satisfactorily.
Check that the lid closes fully. Turn on your machine and check that the enable functions.
Once satisfied, lock the hinge positions.


If you run into any difficulties or have any suggestions for this guide please contact us at 


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