Laser-Etched Macarons


Hi All,

I made these etched Macarons for Mothers Day.

I will admit - it was a last minute idea but it was easy and quick to do once I got the right settings (12 Macarons took about 12 minutes to etch)


If anyone wanted to give it a try - below are the settings / method that I did:

1. Clean every inch of the inside of your laser.

2. The Macarons I was etching were all about 40mm. So I drew my design to suit a 40mm circle.

3. The first thing I did was load the design into LightBurn - and duplicate the design so that it was 4 sitting on top of each other. I then put a clean 1.2mm grey cardboard sheet into the laser (on top of the cutting mats) and etched the 40mm circles onto the grey card so that I new where to place the Macarons each time (I did 4 at a time because I didn't want to do all 12 at a time because they would spend longer out of the fridge)

5. I then put my Macarons in - and after trialling on 3 - I found the below settings were the best:

Note: I started by selecting the '3mm MDF Cut' preset then make the below changes.
Make sure air assist is off, otherwise it moves those suckers around.
Also - I set my material height to 20mm (rough thickness of my Macarons)

6. I found that they took about 50 seconds per Macaron for my design.
Quick present done all up in about 45 mins to an hour from initial design, testing then cutting.






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Thanks for sharing the project and settings. They look amazing.

And, thanks for starting my stomach grumbling!

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